John F., Oldham

"The thing that has really impressed me about Kleen Strike is their real concern for the environmental issue of ink and laser cartridges. They are totally dedicated to helping everyone realise the benefits of re-filling and recycling without compromising on quality. Also their service is great - same day delivery is not unusual and they will bust a gut to help you."

Barrie C., Wigan

"Kleen Strike are excellent value for money.The attached spreadsheet details the laser toner cartridges that we as a group used last year Jan-Dec.As you can see the Kleen Strike prices when compared to our previous supplier are considerably cheaper. To have bought all the cartridges as before would have cost ££38,900. Purchased from Kleen Strike the cost was £17,300 (a saving of £21,500 equating to 55.43%)"

Kevin S., Rochdale

"Over the past few years I have built up a very good relationship with Kleen Strike who despite only being a smaller local company than the larger distributors have provided an excellent service to us and to other High Schools in the area. To use a well used phrase they are small enough to care but big enough to cope. They do a good job and supply a quality product at a fraction of the cost of original brand consumables. They are also able to supply original branded products on the occasions that schools should prefer this.

As a company they are zero landfill which is a big consideration for end of life printing consumables. They are also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and Laura is personally involved with many influential National and International stakeholder groups for reducing waste and promoting reuse and remanufacturing."

Dan R., London

“Laura is well known in the imaging supplies industry as the secretary of the UK Cartridge Remanufacturing Association. I have found Laura a great pleasure to work with. She has served the industry well and help get several critical matters past political obstacles - often as a 'little person' taking on the combined might of HP, Epson and the like. If you work with Laura on a project she is excellent in making sure that you do your bit."

Chris Davies, MEP

From the Web: The EU Parliament has now changed its procurement policy and is advertising a new contract that makes it clear that remanufactured cartridges can compete with branded new ones. One particular company can be traced back to this development, a small British company called Kleen Strike, who remanufactures printer cartridges themselves. The European Parliament buys tens of thousands of printer toner cartridges each year, but until now it has ignored calls to make more use of recycled products. A Member of the European Parliament reminded the Secretary General that MEP's have repeatedly called for products to be reused and recycled wherever possible and live up to their green principles - "It was high time we put our principles into practice,"

Dev S., Manchester

Kleen Strike and Makro have had a relationship for 15 years, where you have been on the preferred supplier list. For the last 3 years you have been the sole supplier of remanufactured toners to the company. This has helped Makro save a considerable amount of money and at the same time the carbon foot print for the company has been reduced. We are all aware of the use of imported cheap toners which are not re-cycled and cause a detrimental effect on our environment.

As with any remanufactured products there will be times when we have issues with the toners but the real test is how the supplier reaces to resolve these problems. I have to say that in all cases you have acted in a professional manner and solved the problem in a satisfactory time period.

I also believe that you and your team demonstrate a real passion for the greener issues we face in the world and at the same time provide a very cost effective product and service. To this end I have no problem in recommending Kleen Strike as a strategic partner for toner supplies.

K.S. - IT Head

Our printer fleet has a proven record of reliability using Kleen Strike toners and having Kleen Strike looking after our printer servicing and maintenance needs. Such is the level of confidence of our staff that they have specifically requested that we retain out current printing hardware and systems rather than move to centralised MFD printing solutions. Whilst cost is a major factor, reliability and confidence in the product is also a major consideration. We have in the past fallen foul with 'cheaper' alternatives, often made with parts sourced from outside the UK.

We support the Rochdale Council policy of supporting local companies, protecting local jobs. Kleen Strike is a local Rochdale company established for over 28 years, ISO accredited and members of the UK Cartridge Remanufacturers association. They provide a quality service and produce a quality product from parts and materials sourced solely from the UK.

D Kay, MD awkcomputers www.awk.co.uk

"Kleen Strike are a friendly local company with excellent service backup and have always provided us with excellent products at a great price".

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